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Brent and Susan Hale have been practicing dentists in Santa Monica, CA, since they opened their office in 1987. Delrita Shanley has visited Brent and Susan Hale since the beginning. Over those 24 years, she has entrusted her family, extended family and friends to the Hale’s expertise.

“They know my family. They remember everything about us. They remember everything about my four children. They remember what happened in previous appointments. They know how to take care of us.”

Meet Your New Dentists in Santa Monica CA: Brent and Susan Hale, DDS

Brent and Susan Hale are a warm, and infectiously happy couple with more than two decades of experience in dentistry. They began practicing on February 2nd, 1987.

Brent was born in Michigan and decided early on in life that dentistry suited his personal qualities, and would allow him to focus his career on things he truly enjoyed. He met Susan while they were both in dental school at Northwestern University. After graduating in 1985, the couple returned to Susan’s native Santa Monica to set up their dental partnership. They opened their first office in 1987.

Susan Hale revels in the close relationships their teams build:

“The best thing about working with our patients is that they put a smile on our face. People are welcomed and we have a great office. Brent and I have a very balanced practice, complemented by an equally masterful team.”
Brent enjoys gardening and golf, while Susan has a keen interest in both art and science. The couple has two daughters and enjoys each other’s company at work and home:

“I’m the loud one, I’m the comic,” says Brent. “Suzi is the serious one. We complement each other in our marriage and in our dental practices. We have a healthy balance between art and science. We both get immense satisfaction from positively impacting a person’s life, sometimes in an afternoon. And I can recommend Suzi. She’s my dentist and she’s very good at what she does. I’m a lucky guy.”

The Hales Are Dentists in Santa Monica CA that Invest in Community

Both Brent and Susan work as more than just dentists; they volunteer their time with RAM (Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps). RAM is a non-profit mobile medical relief organization that provides free healthcare throughout the world, including the U.S.

Susan is also highly active in community efforts and volunteers with many local non-profits. She has been an educator at UCLA and USC and has logged hundreds of hours of continuing education courses with a special interest in Invisalign Orthodontics, Cosmetics, Implants, and TMJ/Bruxism. She holds a certificate in Facial Pain and TMJ from UCLA.

Dentists in Santa Monica CA: The Hale & Hale, DDS Team Practices Excellence Every Day

Susan and Brent Hale complete their practice with an expert hygiene staff and office team. They are so well known that even though they are dentists in Santa Monica, the practice draws in patients from all over the Los Angeles area, and even a few from around the country.

The Hales attract strong feelings of loyalty and so does their hygiene staff. One patient, Sam, only trusts Debra with his cleanings:

“She’s got this way with my teeth that I haven’t found anywhere. She’s very good at what she does and my teeth are proof of that.”

We focus our practice on the success of our patients with each visit. Our team tracks each person’s progress and makes sure they come into polish the work done by the doctors and our approach is one of non-aggressive dentistry. This lets us bring about lasting results while preserving as much of a patient’s dental structure as possible. We strive to make each and every visit efficient and worry free.

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