Invisalign: Santa Monica Dentists Hale & Hale, DDS are The Area’s Preferred Providers

Looking for Invisalign? Santa Monica dentist Dr. Susan Hale has extensive experience and proven results with Invisalign technology— she is one of the companies preferred providers:

I had pretty severely misaligned teeth. Another doctor told me that Invisalign wouldn’t work but wouldn’t give me a reason. I came to see Dr. Suzie and she said it wouldn’t be a problem to have Invisalign – Brock

Brock didn’t want to wear braces to work or to his upcoming wedding, and Dr. Susan Hale was able to make Invisalign work, despite other doctor’s opinions that it wouldn’t work, I didn’t want to have braces in my wedding pictures so Invisalign was perfect for me.

Most adults and teenagers feel the same way as Brock – they do not want to have a mouthful of noticeable hardware like traditional braces, and appreciate Invisalign’s ability to straighten teeth in a non-invasive, emergency free and undetectable way.

People Love Invisalign! Santa Monica Dentist Susan Hale’s Services Offer Many Advantages:

  • It’s undetectable!

Unlike braces, Invisalign is clear, and your natural teeth shine through. People won’t be able to tell you have a straightening device in your mouth.

  • It’s removable!

Braces can make it difficult to clean the enamel of your teeth properly. Invisalign is completely removable so you can clean your teach properly while working toward that great, straight smile.

  • Eat what you want!

Enjoy eating popcorn at the movies? No problem. Because Invisalign is removable there’s no fuss about what you can or can’t eat. Just remove Invisalign while eating, and replace afterward.

Beautifully smooth, and straight teeth will improve your self-confidence about first impressions. Straighter teeth are also easier to clean and result in drastic improvements to your dental health. Call Dr. Susan Hale today to schedule a free Invisalign consultation and get on the path to a gorgeous, straight smile!

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