Hale & Hale Provide Professional Full Mouth Reconstruction in Santa Monica

Although the dentists at Hale & Hale, DDS, are committed to providing the best dental care, and teaching patients how to properly keep up with brushing and flossing, sometimes, the degeneration of teeth is so severe, that a full mouth reconstruction is needed. During a full mouth reconstruction, all, or nearly all, of your teeth are fixed or replaced. This procedure, although lengthy and often extensive, can severely improve your quality of life, and the effects of birth defects, trauma, or neglect.

You are a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction if:

* Your teeth are severely decayed
* Your teeth are severely chipped or broken
* You have many missing teeth
* You have had a traumatic injury to your teeth
* You have pain in your teeth, jaw or head and are in need of a jaw adjustment
* You have severe erosion of teeth enamel

full mouth reconstruction in Santa Monica

Full mouth reconstruction

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

Based on your personal needs, these procedures may involve: teeth cleaning, filing down or removing your natural teeth, crowns, bridges, fillings or veneers, braces, surgery to reposition your jaw, bone or tissue grafting.

What is involved in a full mouth restoration in Santa Monica?

Most full mouth reconstructions will take about 12 months, with multiple appointments. During your first appointment, a dentist will conduct an evaluation, do an oral exam, take X-rays, and discuss possible solutions with you. In subsequent appointments, your dentist or dental hygienist will work on your natural teeth, take molds, provide you with options, and possibly provide you with temporary solutions until your full restoration is complete.

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