Hale & Hale, DDS Provide Digital X-Rays in Santa Monica

During your regular dental appointment, our office will offer to perform a digital X-ray on your teeth. This is a new procedure that utilizes digital X-ray censors instead of photographic film, causing less radiation. Getting a digital X-ray is very important for dentists to diagnose potential problems which may be difficult to observe just by looking into a patient’s mouth during an appointment.

Once the X-ray is performed, the image is enlarged and placed so that the patient and the doctor can see it. This process is invaluable in helping dentists detect issues, such as cavities, as well as check on roots of teeth and the bone around it.

digital radiology

Digital X-rays

The digital X-ray is quick and painless, and shows results right away, allowing you and your dentist to discuss any potential issues and how to best treat them.

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