Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentistry: Get Your Oral Cancer Screening in Santa Monica

Did you know that your local Santa Monica dentists, Hale & Hale, DDS, can do more than fix your smile? During your regular dental check-up, they can look for signs of oral cancer. Although oral cancer is not the most popular type of cancer, it does affect 39,000 people per year, according to the National Cancer Institute. As with any cancer, early detection is key, so have Drs. Susan and Brent Hale give you a careful oral screening at your next appointment.

Santa Monica oral cancer screening

Oral Cancer Screening

What is involved in an oral cancer screening

An oral cancer screening is quick and painless, and typically performed by a dentist during your bi-annual appointment. Your doctor will check your mouth, tongue and cheeks for any unusual looking bumps and sores. If found, an additional biopsy may be required to determine if oral cancer is present or not.

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