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Dentists Santa Monica: Hale & Hale, DDS Have a Network of Smiles

Drs. Susan and Brent Hale are well-known and respected dentists. Santa Monica community members rely on them to maintain great smiles and healthy mouths. The Hale & Hale, DDS team is also known for exceptional restorative and cosmetic dentistry that brings in patients from all over Los Angeles and beyond. We provide a comfortable and effective experience and develop the personal connections with our patients—nearly 92% of the people we see have been with us for 30 years and counting.



Susan and Brent are a husband and wife team who opened their Westside dental practice in 1987. They have been a constant favorite of entertainment and technology professionals, community leaders, newcomers to L.A., and pretty much everyone who values excellence as a standard of their dentistry.

Why over 9,000 People Have Chosen Hale & Hale, DDS

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When you meet Susan and Brent Hale you’ll be struck by their easy back and forth sense of humor. The Hales are not like other dentists. Santa Monica patients are taken with the duo’s personalities and the partnership is one that immediately inspires confidence.

I spent an hour with them and knew I had found the people who could fix so many issues I had with my teeth. They exceeded my expectations. That was 18 years ago and I still can’t wait to see them for my check-ups.


Give us one hour and we’ll convince you that we’re the dentists for you. On your first appointment, we’ll give you a full tour and a complete introduction to our doctors and staff. We are no pressure dentists. Santa Monica’s Westside is a great place to work, live and visit – call us at (310) 453-9631 or request an appointment online right here.