Payment Methods

Payment Methods, Financing and Insurance Accepted

Hale & Hale DDS is committed to providing individuals and families with the best dental care. We believe that financing for dental work should never get in the way of preventative, routine, cosmetic or restorative dental care. That is why our office provides various payment options and accepts most PPO dental insurance plans.

Hale & Hale DDS accepts the following major credit cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover

We accept the following financing for dental care:

We accept the following PPO dental insurance plans:

If your dental insurance plan allows you to pick your own dentist, chances are our office will accept that insurance. If you have any questions about the best financing for dental work or your dental insurance plan, our friendly office staff will try to help you understand and maximize on your insurance benefits. Call or e-mail us today!