Santa Monica Cosmetic Dentistry Offers Intra-Oral Photos in Santa Monica

intra-oral photos at your dentist appointment

Intra-oral photos

We are excited to offer a new procedure, called intra-oral photos, to patients in our office. It is often difficult for dentists to explain what they see in a patient’s mouth, and even more cumbersome to use mirrors to help patients see problem areas for themselves. Now, with intra-oral photos, we can insert a pen-sized camera wand in your mouth, which will enlarge and transfer images onto a television screen. This way, you can see what we see, and it is easier for us to describe issues and discuss solutions.

Intra-oral photos have helped us find early detectors of problems, such as gum disease, which is painless, so the patient is not aware that it’s even happening. Schedule your dental exam today to keep up with your dental health. Visit us here, or call us at 310.453.9631 to take intra-oral photos in Santa Monica.