Does Your Smile Need a Makeover? Get the Best Teeth Whitening in Santa Monica at Hale & Hale, DDS

Nowadays, dentists perform teeth whitening more than any other procedure. Patients have caught on to how easy and inexpensive it is to improve their smile. Teeth whitening involves removing stains caused by food and age from your natural teeth. Teeth whitening can make you look younger and more confident. Whether you have an important event coming up, or just want to restore your pearly whites to their best, Hale & Hale, DDS can help you achieve your best look!

teeth whitening in santa monica

Teeth Whitening

Different types of teeth whitening options

Hale & Hale, DDS, your local Santa Monica dentist office, offers the following options when it comes to whitening your teeth:

1. Treswhite – Tres White by Ultradent – This is a take-home kit that goes beyond whitening, and actually bleaches your teeth. The kit contains pre-filled trays with hydrogen peroxide in 10 or 15% concentrations, which acts as a bleach for your teeth. Treswhite also improves your natural enamel and prevents tooth decay.

To use this product, you would place the trays included in the package on your teeth for an hour, after which you would see results.

2. Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening by Discus Dental – Zoom! is an in-office procedure to whiten your teeth. Taking about an hour, you can relax in our comfortable dental chairs while our trained dentists will spread gel with hydrogen peroxide over your teeth, and then use a special light to penetrate the gel and remove stains from your teeth. You will see a major difference in your smile from just one visit with teeth looking six to ten shades whiter!

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