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We look forward to your first visit so we can introduce you to the best in Santa Monica dentistry.

In order to make your first visit even easier, and more convenient we have a collection of forms below that you can fill out at your leisure prior to your appointment. The first section in the forms you should complete before your visit. The second section gives you information that will help you complete the forms. The third section has additional resources that my help you.


The New Patient: What to Expect

In order to provide you with individualized care appropriate for you we feel it is important to spend time getting to know you and understand what it is you want for your dental health. During your initial visit we will review your medical and dental history, your chief concerns and dental goals. We will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums and bone as well as an oral cancer screening, how your teeth fit together. We typically take digital radiographs of your teeth. At times photographs either inside or outside your mouth are taken for treatment planning. And at times we may ask to take impressions for study models to see how your teeth fit together. We may ask permission is applicable to contact your previous dentist or, specialists for their records, reports and or radiographs to better complete your dental history. A dental cleaning is typically part of this initial exam visit.

For your initial comprehensive exam and cleaning you can expect to be in our office for 1 ½ hours.


Routine Dental Visits

Routine dental exam, radiographs, oral cancer screenings are vital to ensuring long-term oral health. We will review health history changes that could effect your oral health. Any chief concerns and significant findings are discussed with treatment options that best fit our patients lives. Our experienced dental hygenists and doctors believe education is one of the most aspects of your dental visit. Cavity prevention, nutrition, and oral hygiene instructions are customized for each patient.


Forms to Fill Out and Bring with You:

Confidential Patient Information


Resources for Filling Out The Forms Above:

The Facts About Fillings
Notice of Privacy Practices


Additional Resources:

Your Choice In Restorative Dental Materials
What To Expect On Your Initial Visit
What We Do
The Bargain


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